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YouTube links contain before and after TV clips.

09/06/06 - Exit Interview video   YouTube
09/06/06 - Elimination Segment     YouTube
09/06/06 - "Wish You Were Here" video mp3 YouTube
09/05/06 - "Ladylike" video mp3 YouTube
09/05/06 - "Suffragette City" video mp3 YouTube
09/04/06 - Confessional video   YouTube
08/30/06 - bottom 3 interview video   YouTube
08/30/06 - "Helter Skelter" video mp3 YouTube
08/29/06 - "Bring Me To Life" video mp3 YouTube
08/27/06 - 10 Second CBS Ad video   YouTube
08/22/06 - "Cryin'" video mp3 YouTube
08/15/06 - "I Will Survive" video mp3 YouTube
08/08/06 - "We Are The Champions" video mp3 YouTube
08/07/06 - Clinic Performance video   YouTube
08/01/06 - "Changes" video mp3 YouTube
07/31/06 - Confessional video   YouTube
07/26/06 - "Anything, Anything" encore video   YouTube
07/25/06 - "Anything, Anything" video mp3 YouTube
07/18/06 - "Just What I Needed" video mp3 YouTube
07/11/06 - "Surrender" video mp3 YouTube
07/05/06 - "Pinball Wizard" video mp3 YouTube
06/26/06 - Lyric Improv video   YouTube

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